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Yog's Acolytes are the second group to fight in the Yog-Sothoth event.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Yog's Glacier/Necromancer: they are two elemental wizards fighting in the ranged row. The Glacier uses ice spells, while the Necromancer uses fire spells.
  • Yog's Protector/Destroyer: they are the bodyguards of the wizards. The Protector uses defensive skills, while the Destroyer uses offensive skills.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

The Acolytes are a more balanced team than the Reavers. Their front row remains the same, having two warriors in it, but the ranged row has two mages, specializing in ice and fire.

The mages in the rear are the primary damage dealers. The Glacier will use Freezing Winds and Ice Spikes frequently, while the Necromancer uses Blazing Weapons and numerous Fireballs. If you want to choose a target from them, it is better to take out the ice wizard first because her spells cause slow.

The warriors should be left for last, but the strategy effectively remains the same as with the Reavers. The Destroyer attacks a bit more often with bigger damage, so either use some buffs to decrease his damage or focus him on first. With a lonely protector in the end, this battle should not take long.

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