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One of the five Attributes, Willpower can be utilized by all Classes to increase their Stamina. Mages and Warriors, however, have specific Skills which benefits from increased Willpower.

This stat can be increased through Equipment that have the proper Runes and specific Trinkets.

Willpower adds a set amount of Stamina per Willpower point, which is depending on Class. The table below shows amount of Stamina added based on value of Willpower.

Class Amount of Stamina Added per Willpower Point
Rouge 7
Mage 6
Warrior 5

The Mage's "Heal " healing value is increased by Willpower and can be calculated by using the formula: Heal Value = (Willpower)*(Level)

Although Rise of Champions does not have a designated "Healer" Class, a Mage can be made into one by investing in Willpower to provide both a large Stamina pool and superior Heals.

Likewise, the Warrior's "Final Charge" healing value is also increased by Willpower.