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Warriors are masters of sword and armor. Standing on the front lines of battle they strive for perfection in heavily armed close-range combat.
— Official description

A warrior ready for battle

The warrior is one of the three playable classes in Rise of Champions.


The warrior is a melee fighter, who fights with a sword and wears heavy armor. It is considered to be a balanced class, using both offensive and defensive skills. It has high strength, constitution and armor rate, which makes it very tough to kill. Their speed is average, but their energy is the lowest of all three classes, so a warrior must use their skills wisely.

Warriors should be put in the melee row, as they have no ranged attack that can be used on the opposing ranged line.


Warriors are primarily used in the front line to protect ranged attackers in the rear, while softening up the opponent's melee fighters. Their attributes allow them to absorb high amounts of damage and they can also buff themselves or their mates to enhance their defensive capabilities. Provide Cover and Defensive aura provides melee resistance (the former grants defense for the entire group), while Courage boosts their health regeneration.

The warrior is also a decent damage dealer and the best at cleaning up the enemy front line. They can hit more than once with most skills, especially with Impale, which inflicts huge bleeding on a target. Bludgeon is particularly useful, as it stuns the victim heavily, usually nullifying its speed bar. Reaper and Boot and Blade are decent combos that hit the enemy twice. These skills become more effective when the enemy melee row is removed, as the ranged row mostly contains units with weaker armor. .

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