VIP Benefits

The VIP Benefits Page. Shows VIP Level, the amount of experience needed to advance to the next level, and a slideshow that lists out the benefits that each VIP level gives.

Very Important Person [VIP] Benefits feature ten (10) levels which reward Players who support the game through financial means or through frequent playing. They give varied perks that Players will find useful, such as reducing cool-downs.Giving bonuses to Sell/salvage, increases caps, trinket reclaim and allowing additional battles before the Player needs to complete a Captcha code. Benefits also include 'Convenience Features', such as unlocking Quick Sell, which can be toggled on/off in Options.

To access the VIP Benefits page, click the Diamond icon on the upper left of the screen, underneath the Player's name. This will open the Diamond exchange page, which features a VIP Level Bar on the top of the page. Clicking this bar will bring you to the VIP Benefits page.

VIP ExperienceEdit

VIP Calculator

The top half shows the amount of experience gained through purchase of diamonds. The bottom section shows the total number of Daily Task completions, and the amount of experience gained through completing tasks.

There are many ways to earn VIP Experience: buying Diamonds with real world currency, or playing daily and completing Daily Tasks. Also diamonds from codes and story count towards it.

Buying Diamonds is the easiest and most straightforward way to increase VIP Experience. For every diamond bought, the Player will gain one (1) experience. The highest levels of VIP Benefits can only be achieved through buying Diamonds, so this system incentives the Player to support the game and its Developers.

Completing Daily Tasks is a gradual way for players, especially those who do not purchase Diamonds, to gain VIP experience. However, it has several intricacies to encourage long-time playing of the game:

  1. Plus one (1) experience for every task completion
  2. Plus twenty-five (25) experience for every thirtieth (30th) task completion
  3. Plus a hundred (100) experience for every one hundredth (100th) task completion
  4. Plus a hundred (100) experience for every three hundred and sixty fifth (365th) task completion

The VIP Experience Calculator, which shows the amount of experience gained from buying Diamonds and completing Daily Tasks can be accessed through the VIP Benefits page. On the top of the page, next to the VIP level bar, click the 'More Info' bar.


The table below shows the bonuses given at each VIP level. Note that bonus fights until Captcha code, bonus max skulls, and the Quick-Sell feature are bundled as 'Convenience Features' and are not explicitly stated as VIP benefits in the game.

Levels Captcha Skulls WoL Spins Guild Contributions Crafting Gems Construction Masteries Resources Inventory Expedition Respecialization Quick-Sell
One 5 max 10 max 1 max 5% bonus

5% max

1 max 10% less
Two 10 max 20 max 1 max 10% bonus

5% max

1 max 20% less 1 max
Three 15 max 30 max 2 max 15% bonus

15% max

2 max

5% time

30% less 1 max 4% gold

4% ess.

10 max 5% less
Four 20 max 40 max 2 max 20% bonus

20% max

3 max

15% time

40% less 2 max

25% chance

8% gold

8% ess.

20 max 10% less 25% cost
Five 25 max 50 max 3 max 25% bonus

25% max

4 max

15% time

50% less 2 max

25% chance

12% gold

12% ess.

30 max 15% less

1 map/day

25% cost Yes
Six 30 max 60 max 3 max 30% bonus

35% max

5 max

20% time <3m rush

60% less 3 max

25% chance

16% gold

16% ess.

40 max 20% less

2 map/day

50% cost Yes
Seven 35 max 70 max 4 max 35% bonus

45% max

6 max

25% time <5m rush

70% less 3 max

25% chance

20% gold

20% ess.

50 max 25% less

2 map/day

50% cost Yes
Eight 40 max 80 max 4 max 40% bonus

55% max

7 max

30% time <10m rush

80% less 4 max

25% chance

24% gold

24% ess.

60 max 30% less

3 map/day

75% cost Yes
Nine 45 max 90 max 5 max 45% bonus

65% max

8 max

35% time <15m rush

90% less 4 max

25% chance

28% gold

28% ess.

70 max 35% less

4 map/day

75% cost Yes
Ten 50 max 100 max 6 max 50% bonus

75% max

11 max

40% time <25m rush

90% less 5 max

25% chance

35% gold

35% ess.

80 max 40% less

5 map/day

Free Yes
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