People seem to have given up on keeping up with data. Well I decided to fill this in. Most of the information is out there on forums or by knowledge of players. Will keep short, got alot of updating to do.

Thanks to[edit | edit source]

The contributors who have made edits and corrected some errors. I advise to make an account if your editing often.

Contributions[edit | edit source]

If your wanting to help but don't know where to start, Check the wiki activity and the box on right and fill in wanted pages or link up pages that haven't yet.

To-do List[edit | edit source]

I plan to do when i get around it.

Update the skills as most are values that changed in rebalancing. Fix broken links on skills. This is not high on list due to skills and ability info easily seen in game. Likely this will be done bits at a time.~most of this is done mage and rogue skills done.

Working on pages of interest to do with lore or backgrounds of generic subjects.

Improve navigation and interface appearance to make more user friendly.

Add pictures where needed and linking pages.

Edits and adding pages will be done in order of important non obtainable info. This is info not found in game or at least easily. High demand on topics misunderstood basically what alot of people ask me. once navigation is made easier will improve basics for new players.

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