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The trinkets system was implemented on June 5th 2015. Trinkets give additional stats with various effects and combinations.

Acquiring Trinkets

Trinkets are obtained from Trinket Capsules, which can be acquired through:

  1. Completion of Daily Tasks.
  2. Redemption of Torch Codes.
  3. Purchase through Diamonds (Capsules).
  4. Daily Rewards (every 7th day).
  5. Redemption of Event Achievements.
  6. From Recruitment rewards.
  7. From Event House.

When there is an on-going event, the trinkets for that event will be available in the Event House until the event ends. Trinkets from past events also become available in the Event House during non-event times, with the event theme changing every week. Players need to save 625 Personal Spirit to make the 25 Trinket Claims needed to guarantee getting an Epic trinket. The trinket capsules of past events can also be bought for 8 diamonds each from the Shop. Look at the bottom of this page for the list of event trinket sets and Epic trinkets.

When there are no on-going events, trinket capsules (from brawls, etc) only provide trinkets from the Base Trinket set.


There are 5 rarities of Trinkets. The max level each rarity can be enhanced is:

Rarity Level
Normal 2
Rare 4
High Rare 6
Super Rare 8
Epic Rare 10

Enhancing Trinkets

Dust is used to enhance trinkets and the requirements double every level. The amount of dust needed to enhance a trinket is as follows:

Level Dust Total
1 0 -
2 10 10
3 20 30
4 40 70
5 80 150
6 160 310
7 320 630
8 640 1270
9 1280 2550
10 2560 5110

Old trinkets can be reclaimed for 40% of the total dust used on the trinket. See dust for values.

Combining Trinkets

Some trinkets can be combined to produce a new trinket of a higher rarity. This requires:

  1. The ability to be combined. This is indicated on the bottom of the description as, "Combines into..."
  2. Two of the same exact type of trinket.
  3. Both trinkets must be max levelled for their respective rarity.

Be cautious that combining trinkets will produce a new trinket of level 1. Plan before you combine.

List Of Trinket Sets

This list includes trinkets from past and current events.

Two additional lists of trinkets to help you find the trinket you need: