Trinkets system was implemented on June 5th 2015.

Trinkets can give additional stats with various effects and combinations. 

Trinkets can be acquired through:

1) Completion of Daily Tasks

2) Redemption of Torch Codes

3) Purchase through diamonds (Capsules)

4) Daily Rewards (every 7th day)

5) Redemption of Event Achievements

6) From Recruitment rewards.

7) From Event house

There are 5 rarities of Trinkets: Normal, Rare, High Rare, Super Rare, Epic Rare.

The max level each rarity can be upgraded are:


Dust can be used to enchant trinkets and every subsequent level would be exponentially harder to enchant. The costs are as follows: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560 (max lvl)

To get dust, you must either reclaim a Trinket or a Dust Trinket.

The Dust value of each rarity are as follows:

Normal: 4

Rare: 10

High rare: 15

Super rare: 25

Epic rare: 40

Some trinkets can be combined to produce a new trinket of a higher rarity. This requires:

1) The ability to be combined. This would be indicated on the bottom of the description as "Combines into..."

2) Two of the same exact type of Trinkets.

3) Both Trinkets must be max leveled for their respective rarity.

Be cautious that the combined trinkets will produce a new Trinket of level 1. Plan before you combine.

See dust for drop chance of rarity.

All the current known trinkets are listed below:

(Credit given to: ☀

See base set

Bonfire 1 and 2 set.

Halloween 1 and 2 and 3 set

Holiday  (X-mas) 1 and 2 set

Revolution set

Anniversary 1 and 2 set

Revival 1 and 2 set

Rising Sun Set

Infected Kayur set

Rise of champions set

Valentines set

Prophecy set

Summer of fire set

Ghost of the Fallen set

New horizons

Trinkets by Highest Stat Bonus

Brewfest Trinket

Salty Pretzel: 5% willpower NORMAL

Spicy Sausage 5% poison resistance RARE Bundle of Sausage 5% poison resistance 1% fire HIGH RARE

Brewfest Mug 1.5% melee damage 2% stamina steal HIGH RARE Ornate Mug 1.5% melee damage 2% stamina steal 1.5% health steal 5% stun resistance SUPER RARE

Brew Recipe 3% poison 1% health regeneration 2% stamina HIGH RARE

Raw Amber 3% magic SUPER RARE Amber Charm 3% magic 1.5% stamina regeneration 2.5% ranged resistance EPICRARE

Golden Maple 3.5% ice damage 2% melee resistance 2% health EPIC RARE

Thanksgiving Trinket

Turkey Feather: 2% Stamina / Mana NORMAL Combines into: Turkey Leg: 2% Stamina / Mana 2% Health RARE

Maize: 2.5% Fire Resistance NORMAL Combines into: Cornucopia: 2.5% Fire Resistance 1.5% Magic RARE

Serving Fork: 2.5% Armor Piercing 2% Bleed HIGH RARE Combines into: Carving Knife: 2.5% Armor Piercing 2% Bleed 2% Melee Damage SUPER RARE

Ship Compass: 3% Damage (Lightning) 4% Ice Resistance HIGH RARE

Steel Hook: 1.5% Strength 2% Stamina / Mana 1.5% Crit SUPER RARE

Captain’s Scope: 3.5% Magic 3.5% Ranged Damage EPIC RARE

Lunar TrinketsEdit

Lunar capsule

Red Envelope: 1% Bleed NORMAL

Lunar Knot: 1% Health Steal NORMAL

Gold Ingot: 1.5% Stamina 1% Stam Steal RARE 

Combines into Gold Coin

Gold Coin: 1.5% Stamina 1% Stam Steal 2% Magic HIGH RARE

Fireworks: 1.5% Stun 1.5% Burn RARE 

Combines into Firecrackers

Firecrackers: 1.5% Stun 1.5% Burn 2% Ranged Damage HIGH RARE

Lunar Monkey: 0.75% Agility 2% Melee Damage 2% Stamina SUPER RARE

Lunar Dragon: 1.25% Agility 2% Health 3% Damage (Fire) 2% Burn EPIC RARE

Egg Trinkets (Easter)
Egg capsule

Egg: +3% Stam NORMAL

Bloody Egg: +3% Bleed NORMAL

Fire Painted Egg: +1.5% Damage(Fire), +2% Ice res RARE

Ice Painted Egg: +1.5% Damage(Ice), +2% Fire res RARE

Snake Egg: +4% Poison, +3% Poison Res, +3% Piercing, HIGH RARE

Cracked Egg: +4% Crit Damage, +4% Crit Chance, +3% Armor HIGH RARE

Golden Egg: +1.25% Physical Resist, +1.25% Ranged Resist, +1.25% Magic Resist, +1.25% Arcane Resist SUPER RARE

Dragon Egg: +3.5% Damage (Fire), +2.5% Stun EPIC RARE


Note that this list includes trinkets from past (and current) events. Normally you can only get trinkets from the Base Set. Although Trinkets from past events may return through future events, the capsules of past events can also be bought for 8 diamonds each from the Shop.

Note2: Page will be split up so each special event trinket will have own page. Sometime soon.