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The Toxic Trial is the third sub-battle fought in the Proving Grounds event.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Stagger: a powerful warrior tanking in the melee row. She uses bleeding abilities.
  • Scorch: a mage situated in the ranged row. She uses burning spells.
  • Venom: a dagger rogue placed in the ranged row. He uses toxic abilities.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

This battle is not hard, if you can contain the enemy. They are very well focused on damage dealing, so be prepared for some incoming damage.

Stagger uses offensive attacks, such as stabs and piercing slashes. He will most often use his Penetrating Strike if a warrior is present, so he will be somewhat harmless. He can cast some defensive buffs too or Vile Insult, so have some buffs of your own ready.

Scorch uses fire spells. She will do you the favour of wasting a turn by using Blazing Weapons, a spell that none of her teammates can use due to the lack of fire abilities. She will dish out more damage with Fireballs however, so try to take her out as soon as possible.

Venom can use multiple status effects, particularly Poison Weapon or Deadly Strikes. He will be occupied dealing with your melee row, thus he is about the same case as Stagger. The only difference is health and a little more damage output, so kill him before Stagger.

With patience, this battle can be yours. Favourable order of targets is Scorch, Venom and Stagger.

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