The Hooligans is a rival faction which confronts the player in the tutorial stage.


The Hooligans are the second group to fight in the tutorial. They form an all-round team and a formidable force. The group consists of three champions and is somewhat harder than the Weaklings.


  • Lade: a battle warrior and tank unit, who fights in the melee row. Uses Vile Insult and Boot and Blade. He has 124 HP, 60 stamina and 10 speed.
  • Pike: a talented assassin, who fights in the melee row. Uses Piercing Stab and Setup. He has 88 HP, 91 stamina and 10 speed.
  • Azor: a battle mage and supporter specialized on flame spells, who fights in the ranged row. Uses Fireball and Blazing Weapons. She has 80 HP, 78 mana and 10 speed.