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The Elders of Titania are fought in the fifth battle of the Proving Grounds event.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Elder Laine: the leader of the Elders and a warrior of the melee row.
  • Elder Yurik: a member of the Elders and a mage of the ranged row. He mainly uses lightning spells.
  • Elder Shanee: a member of the Elders and an archer of the ranged row.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

This battle is no joke, with an all-round enemy team. The enemy triad possesses very high health overall and they need to be methodically wiped out.

As usual, the mage in the enemy ranks is the primary target. Yurik has high enough health to survive the first turn, but his lightning spells can deal quite a bit of damage. Removing him with hard spells or arrow shots is favourable, as he is fairly exposed to missile attacks.

Shanee is a powerful archer, who usually buffs up with either Poison Weapon or Deadly Strikes, then attacks with multiple Power Shots. He deals less damage than Yurik, but he is more sturdier, therefore he can survive more turns. To mitigate his damage output, use some stunning abilities or cast Provide Cover with a warrior.

The hardest fighter in the group is Laine, who gets an insane amount of health and armor. He is resistant to stuns, but slowing him down helps quite a lot. With a tanky warrior in your ranks, he is not much of a trouble, but beware of his swipes. Over time, his health can be whittled down to nothing by repeated attacks.

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