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Event screen for the Halloween 2017 Event. The different options can be seen on the left side of the screen.

Special Events are seasonal phenomenons that encourage Player participation and with incentives such as:

  • A "Check-in" system in which you can check in daily for the duration of the event to receive a Participation Award
  • A "Collection" system to collect "X" items to turn in for both a corresponding award tier (depending on amount of items collected) and a Collection Award
  • A "Boss Battle" that allows you to attack within a certain time frame with cool-downs proceeding afterwards. Your specific rank will be displayed on the "Boss Ladder" which will allow you to receive a Boss Ladder Award
  • A "Guild Ladder" that ranks guilds depending on the cumulative amount of "Boss Battle(s)" that their members have defeated. Unlocks the Guild Ladder Award
  • A limited time "Event Pack" that unlocks the Supporter Award if purchased
  • An "Overall Award" that rewards you based on your cumulative amount of awards
  • Specific Trinkets and Cosmetics designed in the spirit of the event

List of Events

All known past and present events (including mini-Events) are listed chronologically below:

Events 2014

Events 2015

Events 2016

Events 2017

Events 2018


All events before Midsummer Bonfire (June 2015) are NOT Special Events, but rather "Mini-Events." They do not boast the Check-in, Guild Ladder, and other options that subsequent Special Events possessed. However, they offered Cosmetics and few offered Collections.

Additionally, the recent Halloween 2017 Special Event is not a full Special Event either. It was much shorter than a full event — having an "experimental 1-week event system, with reduced requirements on Collection, Check-in, and Overall Medals." It is not currently known if future Special Events will follow this new model or the traditional model.