Slash an enemy in the neck causing heavy bleeding.
— Official description
Slash Throat
Type Single-target attack
Effect (Base damage x1.3) Melee Damage

(base damage/2) bleed

Energy cost 40
Requires Level 16

Slash Face
Equipped dagger

The Slash Throat is a rogue ability. It deals high damage on the target while inflicting bleed.


This skill is favoured by some players, although it is rarely seen. It requires considerably high energy, but it deals very high damage and its bleed effect is the highest among other bleed skills. It is used mostly as an execution move on low to mid-health enemies, who wear light armor.

The combination of Setup and Slash Face can greatly amplify the damage and bleed effect, making it one of the most destructive skills in the game.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.