Stab an enemy in the face causing them to temporarily have lower physical resistance.
— Official description
Slash Face
Type Single-target attack
Effect (Base damage) Melee Damage

-40% physical res

Duration 5 sec
Energy cost 40
Requires Level 14

Knife Artist
Equipped dagger

The Slash Face is a rogue ability. It hits an enemy, lowering their physical resistance.


Slash Face is obtained at level 14, at which point it becomes an important skill of the assassin. It works similar to Setup, but it lowers resistance on the enemy, rather than buffing the rogue. This skill has particular effect on heavy warriors and rogues.

Using Slash Face before Setup is more favourable, since it effectively boosts damage coming from rogues and warriors if they strike on the vulnerable target. When using in conjunction with Setup, the rogue can deal 90% more damage.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.