Slash an enemy temporarily setting yourself up to do increase damage.
— Official description
Type Single-target attack
Effect (Base Damage x1.25) Melee Damage

+50% damage

Duration 5 sec
Energy cost 20
Requires Level 1

Equipped dagger

The Setup is a rogue ability. It deals damage on a target while buffing up the attacker.


This skill is perhaps the most important skill at the assassin's disposal. Not only it deals average damage, but boosts the rogue's damage output at a great rate: a pretty high boost for very little stamina. It should be used in the first or second turn if possible.

Setup serves as a good foundation for combos and high damage skills. Gut and Blade Fury benefit greatly due to their multihit-abilities and Slash Throat can cause an even more massive bleed on the victim.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.