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Rogues are quick and versatile. They are adept at changing the flow of battle and striking their enemy precisely from both near and afar.
— Official description

A rogue close-up

The rogue is one of the three playable classes in Rise of Champions.


Rogues are nimble and versatile fighters who wear light armor. They can equip either a bow or daggers in battle. The rogue is purely offensive and the master of status effects. It has high agility, willpower and speed, utilizing them to maximize damage output. Its health and armor is also decent, allowing the rogue to absorb quite a punishment.

The rogue is mostly put in the ranged row, as they are more fragile than a warrior and they need protection from melee attacks.


Rogues are used for nothing but to deal damage and flood the enemy champions with status effects.

A rogue equipped with a dagger must work on cleaning up the front row to allow friendly champions to target enemies placed in the rear. Adrenaline is one of the most useful skills, as it greatly boosts the rogue's speed attribute, allowing it to take more turns in rapid succession. Setup is another important ability, which is essentially an attack and a huge damage buff combined into one skill. The rogue with a dagger may use status effect buffs to deal additional damage or utilize powerful combos, which may hit thrice or four times in a row on the same target.

A ranged rogue generally has more options: it can either target the melee row or the ranged row at the cost of lower damage dealt. A bowman performs better if it snipes enemy rogues and/or mages, who are more vulnerable due to their weaker armor. An archer has an advantage over the assassin: most of his/her attacks inflict status effect damage beside the primary damage, which can be abused (provided that energy regeneration is high) mercilessly. However, the assassin's status buffs last longer and therefore it proves to be more effective in the long term.


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