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The Resist Trial is the fourth sub-battle fought in the Proving Grounds event.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Sturdy: a warrior fighting in the melee row. He has high stun resistance.
  • Dense: a warrior fighting in the melee row. He has high stun resistance.
  • The Ward: a mage fighting in the ranged row. She can use magical or physical resistance spells.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

This is the hardest of the minor battles before the Elders are fought. Two warriors have high health and fair resistance, while a lonely mage can dish out high damage.

The Ward should be taken out first, being the weakest and single-most dangerous enemy. She can be finished with ease in the first turn, but she can use devastating lightning spells if left alone.

The two warriors will employ buffs heavily. They can cast Procide Cover, Defensive Aura and Vile Insult, making a warrior's or a rogue's task very hard. Fortunately, mages are unaffected by these abilities, so their attack can pass through without trouble. Use your own buffs in order to negate the debuffs somewhat and retailiate. Using Vile Insult on the warriors can kill their damage dealing and speeding up yourself can help to overwhelm them with your own attacks.

Heal whenever possible and cast some defensive buffs against the warriors. Your front row should hold without trouble, especially with the Ward out of play. Over time, the warriors use up their stamina and you can kill them fairly easily.

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