Rise of Champions Wiki

Released 20 jun 2014

This allows the magical effects of gear to be changed to another random effect.

cost is level x100 x rarity

e.g (at level 20)

common= tier 1 (not got magic effects so can't re-enchant) = would cost 2000.

uncommon = 2nd tier x20x100 = 4000ess

There is a catch to this. Sometimes supreme gear can have more bonus than a flawless. This also happens with epics being better than legendary. The thing is there is a range of % bonus for each rarity where an upper tier is higher than the lower tier of an item of a higher rarity. of-course this higher rarity has higher bonus at top of its range.


  • ItemA is Supreme rarity
  • Supreme rarity items must have a total enchantment value within a set point range
  • ItemA randomly selects to choose its prefix first
  • A pool of prefixes is created based on whether their points (rarity) falls within a certain range
  • EnchantX is selected randomly from the pool of prefixes
  • A pool of suffixes is now created with an acceptable range based on total enchantment value minus EnchantX
  • EnchantY is selected randomly from the pool of suffixes
  • The total enchantment value of EnchantX and EnchantY falls within the original acceptable point range determined by item rarity

Sometimes the point range used for selecting the second enchantment is low enough that it allows for both the level 2 and level 3 versions of an enchantment to be included in the pool for random selection. This is more likely to happen on items which a more valuable first enchantment is set as it will lower the range bounds of the second enchantment. 

I advise to only re-enchant Legendary+ items as this will cost  in essence 16,000 and 18,000 for unreal. See the max magically effects for each rarity and keep in mind when re-enchanting.

Note that artifacts have limited rolls and can't have some stats on it own. I.e str on it's own or magic. So don't reroll for these only way is to get all stats.