Unit stats
Health 128
Energy 78
Speed gain +10
Abilities Shock
Charging Bolt

Radak is a hostile bandit and talented mage.


Radak is a local bandit who keeps three young champions captive in his lair. He uses Thralls to defend himself from threats. He is soon defeated by the player's champions and one of the hostages joins their course.


Radak is a very predictable enemy: he uses Shock until his mana is depleted. When low on mana, he uses Charging Bolt to boost his regeneration. He trusts in his meatshield Thralls, which can tank quite a lot of damage. However, he does not heal them and this can be used to your advantage. Any ranged champions can make short work of Radak, as well as constant heals can stem his high damage output. It is advised to take him out first, as the thralls dish out way less damage than him.

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