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The Quickness Trial is the first sub-battle in the Proving Grounds event.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Bludgeoner: an elite warrior placed in the melee row. He uses mainly Bludgeons.
  • Freezer: she is a mage, who fights in the ranged row. She uses ice attacks.
  • Pinner: an elite archer placed in the ranged row. He uses mainly Power Shots.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

This trial is very easy to beat, if you can take out the ranged row without much trouble. Leaving the warrior alone means that he is cut from assistance and he needs to break through your melee row.

Arguably the most dangerous enemy is the Freezer, who casts Freezing Winds and Ice Spikes on your team, drastically reducing all of your champions' speed. Try to take her out as soon as possible or force her to waste mana on healing by quickly attacking the archer.

The Pinner should be your second target, although he is relatively harmless with his powered attacks. If the battle prolongs, do not forget to heal your teammates.

Although the Bludgeoner sounds devastating, he actually is not. He will always start with a defensive buff like Vile Insult before attacking. On lower levels if you can get him poisoned, his stamina will get under 20, which prevents him from bludgeoning your front fighters. With a tanky warrior, he is out of question for the majority of the match.

You can also use the weapon of speed against the enemy. Use Freezing Wind to slow them down.

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