The Protectors of the Golem is a hostile faction appearing in the Golem of the Ruins event. It is the fourth group to fight in the campaign.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Golem Guardians: two of them are placed in the melee row. They are sturdy warriors, taking most damage.
  • Golem Mage: he takes place in the ranged row. He uses nether spells.
  • Golem Striker: he takes place in the ranged row. He is the main damage dealer.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

You face a versatile team with a relatively weak ranged row and sturdy melee row. The Striker will cause a headache sniping your units here and there, but the mage can be silenced very quickly and the Guardians on their own cannot do too much if kept in bay.

You should focus as always on the ranged row to eliminate the warriors' support. Either the mage or the archer can be started with, but the mage is easier to kill due to his lower health and speed. Snipe the enemy bowman with your own archers or use lightning spells on him to score stuns and damage at the same time. The warriors will make your work harder with Provide Cover (and Rally Cry in later levels), so take your time and just weaken the archer with each shot.

The warriors may have buffed themselves up quite a bit and started dishing out damage. Use some Vile Insult to stem further damage and take done the warriors one by one. Heal whenever needed, the warriors will lose a significant amount of health over time, who cannot regen that easily as you by themselves.

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