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The Progress Page. A list of Chapters to the left and the Goal, Progress, and Reward of selected Chapter to the right.

The Progress tab located on the lower left side of the screen and will accompany the Player throughout their Rise of Champions career, helping and guiding them through various tasks. There are six (6) different Ranks for the Player to complete, each with a number of Chapters that must be all completed, in sequential order, in order to advance to the next rank.

These objectives aim to orient the Player to interact with the game, whether through participating in the Arena, interacting and contributing to their Guilds, or even with the larger community, through inputting TORCH Codes. The objectives also reward Players when completed with resources beneficial to the Player at their stage of the game. The objectives get harder as the Ranks increase, but the rewards also get better to compensate.


The six (6) different ranks, their number and name of Chapters, the objectives, and the rewards are shown below as tables.


The first Rank of the Progress Tasks.

Chapter Name Objective Reward
1 Complete Training Win a Single Match 100 Gold
2 Building Your Armory Loot 5 items Rare Item
3 Piggy bank Gain 100 more gold 100 gold
4 Promise on the Battlefield Win 2 Single Matches Rare Items
5 Valubles Loot Rare Item 120 Gold
6 Experience is Earned Win 3 more Single Matches 150 gold
7 Junk Salesman Sell 4 items Rare Item
8 Savings Gain 300 gold 1000 Magical Essence
9 A Grand Old Time Obtain Grand+ loot Rare Items
10 Discovery Start an Expedition Grand Item


The second Rank of the Progress Tasks



Objective Reward
1 Winning Strategy Win 4 Single Matches 200 Gold
2 Socially Awkward Enter a valid TORCH Codes Grand Item
3 Item Collector Loot 10 items 3000 Magical Essence
4 A Grand old time II Loot 3 Grand+ items 220 Gold
5 Prospector Start 3 Expeditions Grand Item
6 Down Payment Gain 1000 gold Grand Item
7 Test your Mettle Fight 5 Single Matches Supreme Item
8 The Ancient Golem Defeat the Ancient Golem (Story) 250 Gold
9 Salesman Sell 8 items 2 Tickets
10 Tasked Complete 2 full lists of Daily Tasks Supreme item
11 Paying Your Dues Contribute 500 Gold to your Guild 5000 Magic Essence
12 Novice Enchanter Craft 1 item using Magical Essence 280 Gold
13 Making a Name for Yourself Win 6 Single Matches Supreme item
14 Excavator Start 5 Expeditions Supreme item
15 Crafting Materials Gain 10000 Magical Essence by salvaging items Flawless Item


The third Rank of the Progress Tasks.

Chapter Name Objective Reward
1 Crafting an Arsenal Craft 2 new Weapons 300 Gold
2 A Taste of Competition Finish a Battle Arena Flawless Item
3 Yog-Sothoth Defeat the Yog-Sothoth (Story) 320 Gold
4 Gem Collector Collect 300 Gem Shards 3 Supreme items
5 Perfection Loot 2 Flawless+ Items 4 Tickets
6 Veteran of Combat Fight 7 more Single Matches Flawless item
7 Item Hoarder Loot 25 items 340 Gold
8 Life Savings Gain 2500 Gold 6000 Magic essence
9 Completionist Complete 4 full Daily Task lists Epic item
10 Treasure Hunter Start 10 Treasure Expeditions Epic item
11 Gem Combination Gain 2 Level 2 gems 380 Gold
12 Investor Contribute 5000 gold to your guild Epic item
13 Arena fighter Complete 5 Battle Arenas 400 Gold
14 Epic Loot 5 Epic+  items 300 Gem shards
15 Social Butterfly Enter 3 TORCH Codes  Epic item
16 Hero of Combat Fight 12 Single Matches 450 Gold
17 Elite Salesman Sell 25 items 7500 Magic essence
18 Good Earner Gain 5000 Gold 6 Tickets
19 Gem Creator Collect 1000 gem shards 500 Gold
20 Devotion Complete an entire cycle of Daily Rewards 2 Epic items


The fourth Rank of the Progress Tasks.

Task Number




1 Gem Craft Gain a level 5 Gem 750 gold
2 Craftsman Craft 6 new items using Slotted Items and Essence 500 gem shard
3 Battle Arena Veteran Finish 10 full Battle Arena entries 1.000 gold
4 Legendary Loot 1 Legendary Item+ from a Treasure Chest 7.500 magical essence
5 Essence Storage Gain  30.000 more Magical Essence Legendary item
6 Master Combatant Fight 20 more Single Matches 1.000 gold
7 Master Salesman Sell 40 Items  10.000 magical essence
8 Baron Save 15,000 Gold Legendary item chest
9 Gem Master Collect 3,000 Gem Shards 1.200 gold
10 Socialism Enter 5 TORCH Codes Legendary item chest
11 Join the Winners Circle Win 10 Single Matches 4 supreme items
12 Battle Arena Master Finish 20 Battle Arena entries 8 tickets
13 Piracy Loot 50 Items  1.400 gold
14 Taskmaster Complete 8 Daily Tasks Legendary item chest
15 Archaeologist Start 20 Treasure Expeditions Legendary item
16 Craftsmith Craft four Chest Armors 1.000 shards
17 Grandmaster Combatant Fight 30 Single Matches 2.000 gold
18 Lord Gain 25,000 Gold  Legendary item chest
19 Gem Grandmaster Collect 5,000 Gem Shards 20.000 magical essence
20 Best of the Best Loot 5 Legendary Items+ 10 tickets
21 Guild Devotion Contribute 20,000 Gold to your Guild Legendary item chest
22 Master Enchanter Craft 15 items Legendary item
23 Battle Arena Grandmaster Complete 30 Battle Arena entries 3.000 gold
24 Master Archaeologist Start 30 more Expeditions 3 flawless items
25 Ascended Complete 2 full cycles of Daily Rewards Legendary item chest


The fifth Rank of the Progress tasks.

Task Number Name Objective Rewards
1 Guild Financing Contribute 40,000 More gold to guild Legendary Item chest
2 Gem Warlord Collect 10,000 more gem shards. 1,000,000 Magical Essence
3 Battle Arena Warlord Complete 50 more battle arena entries 100,000 gold
4 Grandmaster Archaeologist Start 50 more Tresure Expeditions Legendary item chest
5 Devoted Vetern Collect 3 Full Daily Reward Cycles Legendary item chest
6 Warlord Combatant Fight in 250 more single matches. Legendary item chest
7 Gold Hoarder Gain 50,000 more gold 120,000 gold
8 Gem Supreme Warlord Collect 20,000 more gem shards 1,200,000 Magical essence
9 Full Set Loot 10 Legendary+ items Legendary item chest
10 Code Collector Enter 7 more torch codes Legendary item chest
11 Gem Curator Gain a level 6 gem 140,000 gold
12 Blacksmith Craft 25 slotted items 5000 Gem shards
13 Battle Arena Epic Warlord Complete 75 more arena entries 1,400,000 Magical essence
14 Geared Up Loot 15 Legendary+ items 140,000 gold
15 Essence Hoarder Collect 500,000 magical essence Legendary item chest
16 Victory Win 200 more single battles Legendary item chest
17 Battle Arena Supreme Warlord Complete 100 arena entries 1,600,000 Magical essence
18 Item Collector Loot 200 more items 160,000 gold
19 Taskmaster Complete 15 daily task lists Legendary item chest
20 Imperialism Start 100 more expeditions Legendary item chest
21 Epic Warlord Combatant Fight 500 more single matches 180.000 gold
22 Grandmaster Salesman Sell 1000 items 1,800.000 magical essence
23 Big Bank Save 100,000 gold Legendary item chest
24 Gem God Collect 30,000 more gem shards 180.000 gold
25 Consistency Enter 10 valid Torch codes Legendary item chest
26 Guild Reserve Contribute 50,000 more gold to a guild Unreal Item chest
27 Grandmaster Enchanter Craft 50 slotted items Unreal Item
28 Battle Arena God Complete 150 more arena entries 200.000 gold
29 Grandmaster Archeologist II Start 200 more expeditions Unreal item chest
30 Hardcore Complete 4 full daily reward cycles Unreal item chest


The empty Chapter list for Warlord. New Chapters to be added soon™.

The sixth and final Rank of Progress tasks. 

There are currently no Chapters in the Warlord rank. It is a placeholder for future updates to the Progress tasks. The scantly few Players who have reached Warlord are true Veterans of the game. Congratulations!


  1. Progress was added on June 2nd, 2014.
  2. There are a total of 100 Tasks.