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An expedition in progress

The expedition is an optional way of obtaining items. Found under Treasure tab


An expedition can be led to an unknown territory with the help of treasure maps. If you have a map, you can hire treasure hunters to go after a treasure and return it back to you. This process may take some time, but success is guaranteed in the end.


The expedition is a safe way to get items that may be more valuable than average loot. If you have maps available, you can use one of them and spend some gold to start a time-trailed trip. While the quest is on its way, you can track its progress by the trail on the map and the timer beneath. When an expedition expires, you are awarded a treasure chest, which may contain up to four random items. These items are added to the inventory afterwards. Expeditions are generally expensive, but they are affordable nonetheless. Expeditions do not require any of your champions to take part in the quest.

Three kinds of expeditions exist:

  • Normal: it is the cheapest and shortest expedition to complete. It brings items with the least above-par 
  • Elite:  more expensive than Normal and takes more time, but offers decent items.
  • Legendary: it has the longest route to the treasure and it is the most expensive quest. It brings however the best items.

Drop chances: 

basic: 5% flawless, 10% supreme, 15% grand, 70% rare

elite: 5% epic, 10% flawless, 15% supreme, 40% grand, 30% slotted (gem shards drop 5-20 each 100%)

legendary: 2% Unreal 5% legendary, 33% epic, 60% Flawless (Refined Essence drops 20-50) (Shards drop here also 20-40) Each 100%

Cost is 400 for basic, 1600 for Elite and 6000 for Legendary. The basic is a good way to profit because you can gain artifact and weapons which more than covers cost. If you need Shards and have gold to spare do Elite. If you have alot of gold to spare and are collecting Refined Essence and get some shards on side then Legendary is best way for gaining this but at cost of alot of gold.

Time to complete is 30 mins for basic, 3hrs for Elite and 12 hrs for Legendary. These can be reduce with increasing VIp Level .

Expeditions can be rushed and completed immediately by spending diamonds. Basic costs 1, Elite costs 2, Legendary cost 4.

It is possible to run out of maps, but they are obtainable nonetheless. Maps can be got by winning a battle against a human player or spending diamonds at the shop.


To see the total expeditions done, open up the developer console. You should finish it off and then check you, will see a line like this.

verifyFinishExpedition: 6213

Being 6213 total this number increases each time so check for yourself.