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Mutations are unlocked after the Academy is upgraded to level 5. They give three Stat bonuses to Champions and penalize two. Additionally, they provide a cosmetic effect for Champions.


The Academy panel. The Mutations page can be accessed through the blue "Change" button on the bottom of the panel.

The Mutations page. The Mutations panel is to the right, in front of the backdrop. The column of portraits, the selected Champion, and the current Mutation are to the right of the page.

The Mutations page can be accessed through the "Change" button at the bottom of the Academy panel.

The Mutations page has two distinct sections, a left and a right:

  1. The left half of the page features the Player's Champion standing on a wooden platform. Behind the steel railings, a picturesque rocky coastal town with orange roofed Cape-Cod style houses can be seen. A glimmering golden sea borders the town, illuminated by the hot white flash of the hiding Titanian Sun behind a hill. A lone Galleon-like ship sails in the distance, as a flock of sea-birds fly towards it. There is a column of the portraits of the Player's Champions to the very left of the page. The currently selected portrait box is highlighted in yellow. Clicking on a portrait will switch out the currently selected Champion with the Champion depicted on the portrait. A pink-bordered box lies to the right of the selected Champion and shows the Champion's current Mutation.         
  2. The right half of the page features the Mutation Panel. On the top of the panel, a list of the Player's Mutations is shown. Different types of Mutations will be separated, and same types of Mutations with different levels will also be separated. Only Mutations of the same level and type will be stacked. A scroll bar allows the Player to navigate through their list of Mutations. Beneath the Mutations list is the Evolve Mutations section. Two pink-bordered boxes allow the Player to combine two Mutations with the blue "Evolve" button. The number of Archaic Fragment the Player currently possesses is listed. Beneath the Evolve Mutations section are the "Get Mutations" and "Get Fragments" buttons. These will bring the player to the respective "Shop: Mutations" and "Shop: Fragments," where Mutations and Archaic Fragments can be purchased with Diamonds.

Type of Mutations

There are five different types of Mutations. Their names, icons, descriptions, chest origin, and visual effects are shown in the table below:

Mutation Description Chest Origin Cosmetic Effect Visual Description

Void Demon

Void demon.png
Void demon description.png
Demonic chest sparkly.png
Void Cosmetic

+3.5% Size Increase (Level 1)
+1.0% Size Increase/Level (Level 2+)

Void Knight

Void knight.png
Void knight description.png
Demonic chest sparkly.png
Void Cosmetic

+12.5% Size Increase (Level 1)
+1.0% Size Increase/Level (Level 2+)
+Void Fire effect (Level 6+) (see below.)


Gigantism icon.png
Gigantism description.png
Cryptic chest sparkly.png
Gigantism effect.png
+11.0% Size Increase (Level 1)

+1.0% Size Increase (Level 2+)


Fleeting icon.png
Fleeting description.png
Cryptic chest sparkly.png
Fleeting effect.png
Vibration (Level 1)

+Vibration speed (Level 2+)


Aura icon.png
Aura description.png
Cryptic chest sparkly.png
Aura effect.png
Blue Orbs (Level 1)

+Orb size (Level 2+)

Void fire effect 

Void knight at level 6. Notice the blue glow at bottom.


Two level 1 Aura Mutations are placed in the Mutations Panel. Evolving them will consume both and 5 Archaic Fragments to produce a single level 2 Aura Mutation.

Two lower level Mutations can be combined using Archaic Fragments to produce a single higher level Mutation. The rules of Evolution are:

  1. The two lower level Mutations must be of the same type
  2. The two lower level Mutations must be of the same level
  3. The Player must have the required amount of Archaic Fragments to process the evolution

The Mutations and Archaic Fragments needed per level, as well as the total amount of Mutations and Archaic Fragments used to produce one Mutation of that level are listed in the table below:

Mutation Level Mutations Needed Total Fragments Needed Fragment per Level Fragments:Mutations Ratio
1 1 0 0 0
2 2 5 5 2.5
3 4 15 5 3.75
4 8 40 10 5
5 16 100 20 6.25
6 32 240 40 7.5
7 64 560 80 8.75
8 128 1,280 160 10
9 256 2,880 320 11.25
10 512 6,400 640 12.5
11 1024 14,080 1,280 13.75
12* 2048 30,720 2,560 15
13 4096 66,560 5,120 16.25
14 8192 143,360 10,240 17.5
15 16,384 307.200 20,480 18.75


Mutations can be acquired through three different ways:

Method Probability or Cost
Opening Mystery Boxes with Keys 5%
Shop: Mutations 20 Diamonds

Mutations can be bought in the last tab of the general Shop wtih Diamonds.

Tourney Shop 80 RP

Mutations can be bought on page 3 and 4 in the 50 RP - 199 RP section of the Tourney Shop.


  1. Mutations were first added to the game on October 1st, 2014.
  2. Use the fan-made Mutations Calculator to calculate your every Mutations-needs.