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Magi are born with the rare ability to manipulate the supernatural. Casting powerful magical spells from a distance is their specialty.
— Official description

A mage with his trusty staff

The mage is one of the three playable classes in Rise of Champions.


The mage is a ranged fighter, who uses a staff to cast spells and wears a light robe. Mages have a mixed arsenal of skills, orientated towards offensive and group-controlling spells. They have high magic, stamina and damage output, which proves to be useful in damage dealing. They have low health and armor however, meaning that the mage is fragile and needs protection from other classes.

Mages are favourably put in the ranged row, as they can use their ranged attacks more effectively from this position.


Mages act like rogues, except for the fact that they deal elemental damage and possess lower speed. They can use four types of elements: arcane, fire, ice and lightning. Arcane is used by the standard Arcane Bolt spell. Fire is cast by the Fireball spell, inflicting burn on the target. Two ice spells are Freezing Wind and Ice Spike, which cause very high damage and slow down enemy champions. Lightning spells are very powerful and work similar to the ice spells (they stun instead of slowing down, however).

Beside offensive abilities, mages have limited capabilities to assist their teammates. Heal can be used to recover a high chunk of health on a friendly fighter or on the mage itself, while Blazing Weapons allows the entire team to inflict burning for a limited time.

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