Rise of Champions Wiki

In order from least rare to most rare:

Rarity Color Magical Effects
Common White Never magical.
Uncommon Green Low level magic.
Rare Blue Mid level magic.
Grand Purple High level magic.
Supreme Yellow Very high level magic.
Flawless Gold Supreme + 10% magical enchantment.
Epic Dark Gold Supreme + 20% magical enchantment.
Legendary Red Supreme + 30% magical enchantment.
Unreal Cyan Supreme + 30% magical enchantment + particle effect.
Tiered Unreal Cyan Supreme + 40% to 140% magical enchantment + particle effect.


  • For how to obtain each rarity, see Chest Quality.
  • Tiered Unreal (also called Rising) gear are only obtainable from treasure expeditions. See Rising Gear for more information.
  • There are also craft-able gear. These are indigo in colour and change rarity up to Supreme when crafting.