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Below, you will find a list of the (once) prominent guilds of Rise of Champions, all of which are mostly level 25 and some nearing this. On this page will be the currently active guilds. Although for some that may be inactive, have merged with another guild, or are simply a shadow of their former selves, their legacy still lives on. see former guilds

For more info on the guilds "rank/active/power" see Guild Warfare matchmaking groups .

Status is the current status of guild.

See bottom of Guild upgrades for details on castle ratings.

Shorthand Guild name Guild Leader
BS Bloodseekers Jimbo
HB HellBound Brian_Donoghue5932
CC Craig Crew Craig
MS Machin Shin Kawika16715
TE Top Esp Eduedo1
RzB RazorBacks Fancypants3526
SF Schadenfreude
Gang The Gang ZZnova
CL Champions League pft


Battleborn Straykat6182
AE Alter Egos donna58
AG AncientGuardians Dbags (alt)
Peace Peace Hundemeister
New New resistance Salguif
BH Blind horse hgcreel
Magic Magic Guild Magicianul
DS Deathstar ledballoon3790
TW The Wicked Dope_kix
AI Asian invasion ?
SV Sed de Venganza Piero371
RoP Rise of predators 1andi

More to come. Leaders need confirmed. If anyone reading here can fill in answer that be helpful. Any changes in a guild leadership we haven't updated is due to lack of info so need to rely on feedback.

Some facts:

HoH was the first guild to reach level 25.

BM is currently the oldest active guild.

CC was first guild to reach 1bil xp and current have most with over 2bilxp.