Kalista is a tutor and aid of the player.


Kalista is a talented sorceress, who specializes in wizardry and magic. She teaches the player how to enchant items and how to use essence. She also fights alongside Griswald and Damien in a tutorial battle.


Kalista battle

Kalista in battle

Kalista plays the mage class and is situated in the ranged row.

Kalista appears in the following battles:

  • Tutorial 2: Kalista supports Griswald in the second tutorial battle. She uses Fireball as a ranged attack. She has 40 HP, 72 mana and 9 speed. Defeating her party will provide enough experience to level up and open up a new character slot.
  • Tutorial 3: Kalista gets Damien along with Griswald in the third tutorial battle. She uses Fireball. She has 88 HP, 72 mana and 9 speed.
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