Rise of Champions Wiki

As a replacement to the old guild rankings. This ranking system is based on activity during guild warfare. This places the top 20 matches based on both of the guilds warfare runs. It also includeds one of the factors used for matching guilds against each other.

Note: guild activity for matching only take into account single guilds and not the hot match combined score. <?>

A guild can be in the top matches and not do one run meaning that the opposing guild is very active. Guilds are removed after the week is over if they fail to make any attempts in guild warfare's. Their hot matches placement doesn't prevent this.

To also see what guild is winning when at times hard to tell. The winning guild is highlighted.

Hot matches.png

When a new week as started the bars are exactly 50% each. If Guilds manage to match the opposing guild then no highlight will show. (This is extremely unlikely but possible.) As results can be close try using the bar below to compare the mid point to the bar before gw sessions and then after to see the difference as times it barely moves, You may have to Zoom in quite a bit to see difference. As there is no clear points score its almost impossible to tell the point difference and the place in bar to take overall control. 

Guild bar at 50%.png

Note: That if a guild war did finish with each having 50% and none are highlighted then both guilds will lose gaining no reward for week.