Shoot an enemy in the head dealing heavy damage and stunning them.
— Official description
Type Single-target attack
Effect (base damage x1.5)Ranged damage

(base damage x0.25) stun

Energy cost 40
Requires Level 18

Pinning Shots
Equipped bow

The Headshot is a rogue ability. It deals high damage and additional stun on a target.


This skill is a high-level ability that is very effective at immobilizing enemies. It is generally used as a one-shot ability to completely nullify an enemy's speed bar and/or execute it when having low health. This ability deals the highest single damage among archer skills and its stun is not neglectable either.

Although Headshot is very useful, it consumes much stamina. Also note that speedy rogues can quickly regain speed, so quickly make use of your temporary advantage.

This ability works only with bow-wielding rogues.