Stab an enemy three times.
— Official description
Type Single-target attack (3 hits)
Effect (base damage x1.2) Melee Damage (first hit)

(base damage x0.9) Melee damage (second hit)
(base damage x0.6) Melee damage (third hit)

Energy cost 40
Requires Level 10

Blood Frenzy
Equipped dagger

The Gut is a rogue ability. It hits an enemy thrice in rapid succession.


This skill is one of the assassin's multi-hit combos. It deals considerably high damage, with each hit dealing less damage. Gut can make short work of exposed mages and weak rogues, but it can barely penetrate through thick armor. It can also be used to finish off enemies with low-medium health, saving precious time for your other characters.

An interesting fact is that Gut counts three hits, each of which can crit itself. This can be used to one's advantage when having high critical rate.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.