For More about guilds, see [Guilds].

An association of Players for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal, a Guild can be created by using 8,000 Gold.

The creator of a Guild will assume the role of Guild Leader and sets the Guild Name, Banner, and Castle appearance. He/She will also have the ability to designate the following Guild Positions to members: Officer, Veteran, and Recruit.

A Guild Starts at Level 1 and accumulates experience based on the Guild Member's game-play. At certain Level intervals,(lvl 5, lvl 10, lvl 15, lvl 20, and lvl 25) the Guild would be able to provide better Perks to its Members. A Guild is maxed out at Level 25 and will show the exp gained after it displays 0 for exp to level..

Members of a Guild will have access to Guild Chat and will be able to participate in Guild Warfare. If won, the Guild Warfare will grant all members a set reward.

Members of a Guild may contribute a maximum of 4000 Gold/Day (increased by VIP Level) to their Guild to finance Guild Upgrades.

While some Guilds may demand its Members to pay X amount of Gold/Day with the threat of being removed, there are many friendly and hospitable Guilds who are happy to receive any members with little to no requirements.

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