First it sorts guilds into groups of 8 based on guild power a variable determined by Tier average and win streak (caps at 10). Next, the system randomly matches guilds within each group with protection against getting the same guild 2 weeks in a row. Lastly, sometimes there are errors while matchmaking and guilds from one group don't get a proper warfare set up. In these cases the system throws them into the open pool for all guilds which haven't been match yet and may result in a high power guild being matched with a weaker one.

Regarding old/powerful guilds that are lacking player activity, it is the captain and officer's duty to get their members active or find new members. If that's not possible, then simply don't GW and the guild will go inactive the following week. If the leader rejoins warfare after going inactive it's highly likely that they'll be matched with a new/less powerful guild.

On 2nd april 2018

Guild matchmaking is now based on player's average tier within the guild, along with a formula based on guild win-streaks in attempts to bring a better weekly matchmaking experience

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Gw Group Brackets[edit | edit source]

This can also be seen as how powerful/active a guild is. So in effect it's a ranking system but with values not displayed instead guilds will be first grouped in the first 8 and then then set of 8s.

On this page guilds under level 25 are shown but with no additional info other than they are in that group.

Also in no particular order, No way to individually place. There starting values for these guilds are below. This will change alot and can't keep track of it but it should be a decent guide.

Group C+
3 : New Brotherhood
4.33333333333333 : South Park
4.6 : OCOTES
4.71428571428571 : CANNIBAL CORPSE
4.83333333333333 : Heaven or Hell
4.85 : Asian Invasion
5.25 : Blackstar
Group B
5.4 : Devil Hounds
5.7 : ChampionsLeague
6.92857142857143 : Alter Egos
7.11111111111111 : Blind Horse
7.36842105263158 : NEW RESISTANCE
7.4 : BattleBorn
7.55 : Machin Shin
7.94736842105263 : The Gang
Group A
8.11111111111111 : peace
8.25 : AncientGuardian
8.36842105263158 : Razorbacks
10.2941176470588 : BloodSeekers
11.05 : TOP ESP
11.45 : Hellbound
11.85 : Craig Crew

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