Was Released on 29th Jan 2018

It is able to be unlocked at tier 3 cost in 25,000 gold. Unlike other buildings it doesn't level up using gold nor can the building itself level up. It's ability which gives skill upgrades, health-steal at tier 3 and stam-steal at t6 and stun resistance at t9 lastly critical chance at t12 which can be upgraded using bones . Here is the building being designed.

To view the costs to upgrade each ability see Graveyard upgrades
Level to unlock 20 (Tier 3)
Cost to Max 25,000
Boost per Level +0.25% per upgrade
Boost at Max 12.5%
Ability Health-stealing
Level to Unlock 1 (with tier 3)
Abilty2 Stam-Stealing
Unlocks at level 1 (with tier 6)
Ability3 Stun Resistance
Unlocks at level 1 (with tier 9)
Ability4 Critical Chance
Unlocks at level 1 (with tier 12)
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