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The Golem of the Ruins is a boss event available for a ticket as an entry fee. It unlocks at level 7.


The event takes place in the Ancient Ruins, battling against groups of worshippers and eventually the Ancient Golem. Battles are fought consecutively until the event is completed.

The event consists of four AI battles and a boss battle in the end. When the final boss is defeated, the player is rewarded with a treasure chest containing three items.


The event trail is varying in difficulty, but the Golem can prove hard to beat. Level 8-9 is advised before entering the trail. The following factions are encountered:

  • Cult of the Stone: a band of four warriors, who are brutal and do not welcome any intruders.
  • Blazing Rite: a band of four mages, using their dark spells to bring their enemies to their knees.
  • Stone Assassins: a band of 4 rogues. These outlaws are cunning and use every dirty trick in the book to strike from a distance.
  • Protectors of the Golem: the elite guards of the Golem, who form a powerful and versatile team.
  • Ancient Golem: the final boss itself, which has powerful abilities and massive stats.

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