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Reason: the Golem Tracker is not present since version 0.801.

Golem Tracker
Unit stats
Health 370
Energy 182
Speed gain +34 / turn
Abilities None

The Golem Tracker is a hostile champion appearing in the Golem of the Ruins event. Two archers are fought both in the third and the fourth battle. 


This archer is equipped with a bow but no armor. She has the same stats as the Golem Scout, but she benefits from the ranged row's position and deals higher damage then the Scout tends to. Despite these facts, she only uses his standard ranged shots and thus she is virtually unable to kill any friendly unit.


The archer may take a bit longer to kill, as the front row must be removed in order to inflict damage on her with melee warriors. She is very easy to kill because her lack of armor and her damage output can be reduced to almost nothing easily. Warriors are the most useful fighters, having Provide Cover at their disposal, which can reduce ranged attacks effects by 20%. Mages can use lightning spells to stun him while inflicting high damage, essentially taking away about half of his health.


Skill Type Effect Duration Cost
Arrow shot Standard ranged attack - - -