Golem Scout
Unit stats
Health 370
Energy 182
Speed gain +34
Abilities None

The Golem Scout is a hostile champion fought in the Golem of the Ruins event. Two of them are fought in the third battle.


The rogue is perhaps the most versatile non-boss champion in the event. He wields a dagger, which deals decent damage, but he wears no armor or artifacts. He has considerably high stamina and health, but he does not use any skills or abilities, sticking to his basic dagger attack.


Being a rather weak enemy, the rogue is an easy enemy to deal with. Since he must attack units in the first row, champions in the ranged row can target him without too much trouble. Furthermore, warriors and/or rogues in the friendly first row can use any skills at their disposal. Rogues may use [[[Blade Fury]], [Gut]] or Setup (for gaining a huge damage boost), while warriors can defend with Defensive Stance, Bludgeon or Vile Insult.


Skill Type Effect Duration Cost
Dagger stab Standard melee attack - - -