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Reason: the Golem Enchanter is not present since version 0.801.

Golem Enchanter
Unit stats
Health 304
Energy 156
Speed gain +16 / sec
Abilities None

The Golem Enchanter is a hostile champion appearing in the Golem of the Ruins event. Four of them are fought in the second battle of the challenge.


The mage is a basic enemy having no armor or skills. She can only use her Arcane Bolt standard attack, which deals neglectable arcane damage. She is unable to kill any champions of the player unless the player is careless and multiple bolts add up.


The mage can be killed very easily, being the weakest enemy in the quest. Since her bolts cannot be negated, stuns are favourable against her (except for Intimidate). Characters equipped with many items that provide arcane resistance may be barely scarced. Health buffs like Courage or Rally Cry are a good way to recover lost health.


Skill Type Effect Duration Cost
Arcane Bolt Standard arcane attack - - -


  • The Enchanter in the early betas