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Reason: the Golem Defender is not present since version 0.801.

Golem Defender
Unit stats
Health 442
Energy 90
Speed gain +22 / turn
Abilities None

The Golem Defender is a hostile champion appearing in the Golem of the Ruins event. He is fought twice: in the first battle and later in the fourth battle.


The Defender is a basic enemy with no armor or skills. He has considerably high health and only uses his standard Sword Slash attack. He deals fairly little damage and is barely a threat.


The warrior may take a bit longer to kill, due to his high health and armor rate. Warriors can use Defensive Stance to reduce incoming damage, while they can also use Rally Cry or Courage to recover health over time. When using Intimidate and Vile Insult at the same time, the Defender is virtually harmless.


Skill Type Effect Duration Cost
Sword Slash Standard melee attack - - -