2015[edit | edit source]

v1.058 changelog "Frosty's Holiday Havoc" Special Event!

  • -The Holiday Havoc event has begun!
  • -New Event Boss, Collection, Player & Guild Ladders, and Achievements!
  • -You must "Check in" daily to participate in Collection and Boss attacks!
  • -Each event screen has its own help button providing a brief description
  • -Event will run for 20 days before entering the Redemption period!
  • -Event Boss: Frosty!
  • -Collection: Gifts (Max 8/day)
  • -Limited Cosmetics: 4x Holiday hats and 4x Wrapped weapons!
  • -Slaughter's Hat and Reindeer Antlers can drop from Basic and Elite expeditions (5% chance)
  • -Limited Trinket Capsule: Holiday Capsule (9 new trinkets)
  • -Limited Diamond Pack: The Frosty Pack
  • -Frosty Pack only cosmetics: 4x Candy Cane weapons!
  • -Daily rewards and tasks now drop Holiday Trinket Capsules
  • -Boss Ladder, Guild Ladder, and Overall achievement ranks are not final until Redemption!
  • -New feature "Alteration" added to Blacksmith! (Requires level 15)
  • -Select the rune you which to change and pay the required Refined Essence to re-enchant the item. The unselected rune will not change!
  • -Alteration allows you to selectively re-roll an items enchantments when you already have a major or minor rune you like.
  • -Alteration draws from the full unweighted pool of major or minor runes, improving your ability to get runes deemed "less desirable" yet relevant to your strategy!
  • -Alteration cost formula: ItemRarity * 50 where ItemRarity is 1-8 (8 being Legendary and Unreal)
  • -All diamond purchases $25+ now give event supporter credit.
  • -Daily reward gold/essence/shard amounts increased.

2016[edit | edit source]

Holiday havoc 2.png

Battle Frosty and Slaughter Claus! Collect gifts! Complete achievements for great rewards! Collect Holiday hat cosmetics! The Holiday Havoc 2 event is here so grab your sword and gear up for battle! View the full update changelogs on our official site!

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