Temporarily increase your physical resistance.
— Official description
Frost Armor
Type Self buff
Effect +50% physical resistance
Duration 10 sec
Energy cost 30
Requires Level 4

Freezing Wind

The Frost Armor is a mage ability. It is a defensive spell, which provides moderate resistance against physical attacks on the mage. It has a fairly long duration.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This ability is similar to the Arcane Shield, but it provides physical resistance instead. It should be used when the majority of the enemy team consists of warriors and rogues to maximize efficiency, particularly when the friendly front row is down (or the mage has no choice but to fight in the melee row) and the mage is vulnerable. Frost Armor is a bit less effective on its own, since archers deal less damage than an elemental spell, even with their more advanced skills (like Headshot).

Against a hybrid team constitution, it is fairly recommended to use Arcane Shield too on the mage to provide both physical and magic resistance.

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