Damage and slow the enemy team with a gust of freezing air.
— Official description
Freezing Wind
Type Multi-target attack
Effect (base damage*0.75) Ice Damage

-15% speed

Duration 5 sec
Energy cost 30
Requires Level 2

The Freezing Wind is a mage ability. It deals moderate damage on all enemy champions, but it also decreases their speed for a long time.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This spell is best used in the start of battle, when the enemy has more than two champions standing, for maximum efficiency. When all enemy characters are affected, their speed rate decreases so your team gets more chances to strike (particularly when friendly rogues or mages use Adrenaline or Energize. Its moderate energy cost allows the spell to be cast almost anytime in the game.

While its damage affects all groups, it is not that high that could easily turn the tides in the battle. Instead, it should be used when one or more enemies are nearing death, so other characters that have temporary buffs will not waste valuable turns.

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