Here is a list of guilds that existed at one point. They are either disbanded, merged or just grew inactive. Some might be locked away from others.

Shorthand Guild name Guild Leader Notes
TW The Wicked Dope_kix(former) Moved to Deathstar
GR Guildorama Joseph(former) Moved
NB New Brotherhood Dbag26(former) Merged with HB
RB Red Brotherhood NotEnoughTime1 Moved to Dead Red
BM Blakes Minions Alx51 Inactive
SG SereneGuardians Sereneguardians Inactive
The 13th The 13th Legion Trunkz
HoH Heaven or Hell Mekarogue
Bros Brothers Shepmeister(Former) Split to HB and The Gang
Ele Elementals Frank
SP South Park king_avx Moved
CD Creeping Doom ?
420 Local 420 hgcreel Disbanded
Mad Madness malcolmw3866
tyvm No guild tyvm ZachRE201
CB Crazy babies ?
BC Blood champions rngrthomas1240
Rf RaFel Ferrochina
SoD Sound oF Dragon HL_Howitzer
TN The Necromancy Nickienator
B-star Blackstar chess_mate197556
CG Crveni Grifon milutin9705
GC Gentlemen's Club TheMachado
Cannibals Cannibal Corpse DREADSAW13544 Moved to Deathstar
Cam Camelot 4theluvofcamelot Moved to twisted rune
NGO New game order Salguif Moved to new resistance
Sin Singurlarity Barbara616 Moved to Deathstar
IU IsUnimpressed Liberitia
IR Iron Regiment BrianJudge
Mini Mini Lurutor
Evo Evocati Shore thing13185
OS Old School Guido.Fuques
Bears Runningbear Paul15390
TR Twisted rune 4theluvofcamelot Who knows
Eng Engineers Smith_3511
Pho Phoenix STREGO
LS Lost Souls Sucker_Punch(exile)
HB Ham Burglarhood Hamburglar, Urubu, Ali Disbanded
HC Holy Cow
Dawg Dawg Pound
KC Keep Calm
Trope Tropecientos Tovstobalus Moved to Old School
AIr Airborne Red_mamba
KoT King of Titania
Cubs Fire cubs Bill15030
RD Rejected demons ZZnova Dead


Dead red Redbros revival guild Who knows
SV Sed de Venganza Piero371
OC Ocotes Pata.Algo (Alt) Dead
RP Rise of the Predators 1_Andi
DH Devil Hounds ???
MS MachinShin ???

If you know a guild not seen then please add this.

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