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DIamonds are invaluable gems that serve as a premium currency. Buying Diamonds will support the developers of Rise of Champions, Frozen Entertainment, and keep the game running.


The diamond icon is located on the upper left of the screen. The amount of diamonds the Player owns is shown next to the icon.

Clicking on the diamond icon will bring the Player to the Exchange Rate page.

Diamonds can be acquired through purchase of real currency via PayPal. By clicking on the Diamond icon, the player will be bought to a page showing the exchange rates between Diamonds and dollars. Clicking 'Buy' will open a new tab to PayPal to complete the purchase.

Diamonds can also be acquired by completing offers through SuperRewards. SuperRewards can be accessed through the 'Earn Diamonds' button at the bottom of the exchange rates page. This reward program offers monetary offers such as paid subscriptions as well as free offers such as completing surveys and watching videos.

The Heroic Pack, available for purchase at anytime.

Buying 'Hero Packs' will give the Player diamonds, in addition to other resources. Hero Packs can be only purchased once. Some packs, such as the Heroic Pack, are available to purchase anytime. However, other packs can only be purchased during Special Events.

Some 'Hero Packs' are only available Special Events.

Although buying or earning Diamonds are the easiest way to acquire them, Diamonds can also be acquired for through natural game-play! Participating in the Story grants Diamonds to Players.

Additionally, By participating in Daily Rewards, players can gain access to a small amount of Diamonds every week. Finally, during Special Events, Frozen Entertainment is known to release special TORCH Codes that give a significant amount of Diamonds.


Diamonds, being a premium currency, can be used to buy virtually anything in the game. Anything that can be bought with gold or essence can be bought with Diamonds, including gold and essence. Certain resources and items, however, cannot be bought with gold or essence, and can only be earned or bought with Diamonds. These include:

  1. Trinket Capsules
  2. Keys
  3. Refined Essence
  4. Archaic Fragments
  5. Cosmetics (Store-bought or Unreal)
  6. Skulls
  7. Tickets

Certain processes and mechanics can only be achieved through the aid of Diamonds:

  1. Resetting Combat Masteries
  2. Buying Combat Masteries
  3. Removing Combat Masteries
  4. Rushing Expeditions
  5. Refreshing the Bazaar

Buying Diamonds also increases your Very Important Person [VIP] level.