Rise of Champions Wiki

Eight (or less depending on level) preset tasks that can be completed within a 24:00:00 time frame(Server resets at 0.00 (EST/UTC-5) to receive various rewards including most notably Trinket Capsules and Refined Essence.

Tasks can be any of the following:

  • Craft specific piece of Equipment (including Artifacts)
  • Craft X number of pieces of Equipment
  • Loot X amount of items
  • Loot X amount of Gold
  • Loot X amount of Magical Essence
  • Sell X amount of items for Gold
  • Salvage X amount of items for Magical Essence
  • Win X number of battles in one Battle Arena
  • Finish X number of Arenas
  • Beat X number of enemies with no deaths
  • Win X number of Single Matches
  • Collect Keep Gold X amount of times
  • Defeat "random boss battle" from Story. Most likely "Obelisk of Kayur", "Yog-Sothoth", or "The Golem"
  • Get top three in X amount of Brawls (includes Guild Warfare)
  • Win X amount of Brawls (includes Guild Warfare)
  • Get X amount of kills in Brawls (includes Guild Warfare)
  • Obtain X level of Gem
  • Gain X amount of Mastery Points
  • Gain X amount of Skulls

It is encouraged that all players finish their Daily Task due to the reward of the Trinket Capsules. There are not many other ways for players who do not buy diamonds to obtain Trinkets, one of the most useful equipment in the game. Only level 3 tasks drop refined essence but all drop trinket capsule.

There are 3 different levels of tasks

From level 5-10 are level 1 tasks: 5 tasks are needed to complete

From 11-14 are level 2 tasks: 7 tasks are needed to complete

From 15-20 are level 3 tasks 8 tasks are needed to complete

Below is list of each task in full.

  1. loot 10 items
  2. sell 5 items
  3. salvage 5 items
  4. start 2 expeditions
  5. finsh 2 expeditions
  6. craft 2 items
  7. craft helmet
  8. craft armor
  9. craft gloves
  10. craft boots
  11. craft weapon 
  12. craft artifact
  13. gain 1k gold
  14. 10k magic ess
  15. do The golem story
  16. do yogsothoth story
  17. Finish 2 battle arenas
  18. win 3 battles in one arena
  19. win 3 singles
  20. win 1 single without deaths 
  21. get level 1 gem 
  22. get level 2 gem
  23. get level 3 gem
  24. win a brawl
  25. do the Obelisk of kayur story
  26. get top 3 in a brawl
  27. get 5 kills in a brawl
  28. gain 20 skulls*
  29. gain 1 Combat Mastery
  30. gain 2 combat mastery
  31. gain 50 skulls*
  32. gain 80 skulls*
  33. collect 1 keep
  34. collect 2 keeps
  35. collect 4 keeps
  36. loot 20 items
  37. sell 10 items
  38. salvage 10 items
  39. loot 40 items
  40. sell 20 items
  41. salvage 20 items
  42. win 6 singles
  43. win 10 singles
  44. win 2 singles without deaths
  45. win 3 singles without deaths
  46. win 3 brawls

Note: Some may have the wrong task number because the brawl tasks aren't shown in the dev console like the rest of them but i filled in the missing spaces with tasks that were known.

*The skull tasks won't count if your over the cap and do arenas or collect guild rewards. Singles and torch codes will count though.