Shock an enemy with an electrical bolt which replenishes a small amount of mana.
— Official description
Charging Bolt
Type Single-target attack
Effect (base damage * 0.9) Lightning Damage

+25% stun
+10% Stamina regeneration

Duration 10 sec
Energy cost 10
Requires Level 4


The Charging Bolt is a mage spell. This spell is an offensive spell with multiple functions. Not only it deals heavy lightning damage but also stuns the target, while regaining a small amount of mana.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Charging Bolt is probably favored by many players. It is the counterpart of Shock: it deals inferior damage and stuns less, but costs less energy and fuels your caster with mana. It is wise to use this spell every now and then in the battle, as the regained mana can be used on stronger abilities later. The Bolt can also be used when low on energy, to quickly regenerate some.

When it comes to concentrated damage, the more efficient Shock, Voidblast or Netherblades should be used instead of this spell.

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