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The Story offers a glimpse into the rich lore of Titania. There are in total 14 separate Events, divided into "Journey" and "Side Quest" in which the Player may participate in. The completion of an Event will allow access to the next Event. 

Ticket is required to participate in an Event. Each Event will feature five battles with increasing difficultly. If a Player deems an Event too hard, they may choose to abandon it to pursuit another Event. 

The completion of an Event will grant the Player with rewards, most notably Combat Masteries , which have a 50% chance of being granted. 

This makes the Story extremely important to the Guild -less Player who will not have access to Guild Warfare and thus have a hard time gaining Combat Masteries. 

A total of 12 Combat Masteries(!) a day can be acquired with the completion of all the Story Events. 

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