Creating a guild: you will need 8,000 Gold to form a Guild.  This will make you the "Guildleader".  As Guildleader you must sign in a minimum every 14 days or you will be replaced by the administrators of the game. There is also an option of a mutiny .

Below is a rule made from the dev to maintain fair play and is still in place.


From this point forward, collusion between guilds is strictly forbidden. If a guild is proven to be working to directly influence the outcome of a Guild Warfare match they are not a part of, they and any other guilds participating will receive losses for the week.

With regards to alternate accounts (“alts”), if the alt sticks with a guild then there shouldn’t be any problem. If the alt is moved in a tactical way to influence other GWs, we will take action at our own discretion.

Note: This ruling is to ensure fair play within the Guild Warfare system. Usually we enforce rules by directly modifying the game to prevent/hinder specific actions. In this case, we are making no in-game changes so that inter-guild dynamics remain unhindered.

Hopefully everyone understands that these rulings apply to the Special Event Guild Ladder as well.

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