Temporarily increase your ability to cause bleeding and gain health from attacks.
— Official description
Blood Frenzy
Type Self-buff
Effect +50% Bleed

+10% Health-stealing

Duration 10 sec
Energy cost 20
Requires Level 6

Equipped dagger

The Blood Frenzy is a rogue ability. It improves the rogue's bleed capabilities.


Although useful in some situations, this skill almost never seems to be used. It can work well on high-damage rogues who lack bleeding, but over time, this skill becomes obsolete. Reasons are its high energy rate, not skipping a turn on it or the late-level Slash Throat ability, which causes instant bleeding at about the same rate.

Contrary to its ability, Blood Frenzy is almost always learnt, as it is a requirement for Gut.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.