Temporarily enchant your team's weapons with fire.
— Official description
Blazing Weapons
Type Multi-target buff
Effect +25% Fire damage

+5% burn

Duration 20 secs
Energy cost 40
Requires Level 4


The Blazing Weapons is a mage ability. This skill is a group based buff, which enchants all members' weapons in the group, causing moderate fire damage with every hit. It has a very long duration.

Usage[edit | edit source]

As with any group buff, Blazing Weapons should be used in the first few turns of the battle. The extra fire damage may come in handy when multiple champions get this upgrade, as attacking the same target over and over will add up status damage, which may kill the victim without much trouble. Its damage ratio is also decent, however it is more effective with other damage buffs. Its low energy cost encourages you to cast it in the beginning of the game.

This spell loses its effectiveness over time, as champions fall on both sides. When at most two champions remain on either side, other spells should be used instead of this long-lasting (albeit small) bonus.

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