The Blazing Rite is a hostile faction appearing in the Golem of the Ruins event. It is the second group to fight in the campaign.

Roster[edit | edit source]

  • Blazing Acolytes: two of them are placed in the melee row. They use fire spells.
  • Blazing Mages: two of them are placed in the ranged row. They use nether spells.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

The Rite is perhaps the easiest battle in the Golem trail. With 4 slow mages at the enemy's disposal, warriors and rogues can strike more than once before the enemy gets a turn. The enemy uses powerful spells, but using the speed advantage, this fight should be no problem.

Generally, you can just cut your way through the melee, then the ranged row with any character. Use stuns to win one or two turns and waste no energy on defensive spells. 

When having pure rogues and/or mages in the team, you can use only AoE spells to win. The rogue's Disorienting Bomb can keep up stunning with relatively low energy cost, while the mage can deal Freezing Wind, Firestorm or Thunderstorm.

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