Blake Kimball is a main developer of Rise of Champions. He is a member of Frozen Torch Interactive (previously Obelisk Games).


Blake founded Obelisk Games with Ryan Baillargeon and Rogier van de Beek in 2011. Their first game, Legend of the Void, was published in 2011 on Kongregate. The story of archmage Gazzen and the adventurers proved successful and it gained high popularity for the game. One year later, LotV 2: The Ancient Tomes was introduced, which played after the events of LotV, with Voidleaders as the main antagonists this time. This game was even more popular than its predecessor and was played 1,2 million times. With the success of these two games and the high demand on a multiplayer aspect, Obelisk games decided to develop the soon to be "Legend of the Void 3": Rise of Champions.

Beta testingEdit

Blake made RoC available public for a small community in 2013 November. The game's core mechanics were complete by then and most of it was inherited from Legend of the Void 2 and are being reworked mainly based on the tester's feedbacks and suggestions, besides developer ideas as of now. In 2014 January, public beta was closed for two months, which got reopened in 2014 March for a renewed testing.

Blake is the main communicator towards the testing community. He operates a game-dedicated forum and a public chat, where testers can share their observations, bug reports and suggestions. He works hard with the community to resolve problems and sometimes gives instructions to the testers to help his work.


  • Blake is featured as a helper of archmage Gazzen, called "Blaek" (an anagram of his name).